Accident Attorneys in Louisiana

Christopher Trahan, Attorney at Law has achieved a number of impressive personal injury case victories over the years. Our lawyers regularly represent victims of injury and wrongful death and have become extremely versatile accident attorneys in Louisiana. Please note that individual results may vary and that results are not guaranteed. Our past results do not guarantee future results.

$11,900,000 – 18 wheeler accident resulting in brain injury

$10,100,000 – Motorcycle accident with a fatality

$9,200,000 – Offshore worker suffered burn injuries

$7,500,000 – Rear-end car crash resulting in multiple back surgeries

$7,200,000 – Multi-vehicle crash resulting in a fatality

$7,000,000 – Offshore accident resulting in comminuted fracture and multiple surgeries

$6,700,000 – Rear-end car crash resulting in multiple back surgeries

$6,450,000 – 18 wheeler crash resulting in burn injury

$4,440,000 – Offshore injury resulting in permanent disability

$2,500,000 – T-bone car crash resulting in back surgery

$1,800,000 – Multi-vehicle interstate car crash resulting in ankle surgery and shoulder surgery

$1,700,000 – Offshore accident with a fatality

$1,600,000 – Helicopter crash with burn injuries and back surgery

$1,400,000 – 18 wheeler crash with a fatality

$1,300,000 – Boating accident with severe disability from a leg injury

$1,100,000 – Slip and fall with multiple surgeries

$900,000 – Plaintiff killed instantly when equipment malfunctioned on an offshore rig. Recovery limited to loss of future wages by the Death on the High Seas Act

$450,000 – 18-wheeler made a left-turn in front of the vehicle causing crash and plaintiff had three ankle surgeries

$450,000 – Commercial vehicle made a left turn in front of the vehicle causing the crash. Back surgery

$375,000 – Plaintiff injured when a roll-off container came unhinged at the Parish Dump and hit the plaintiff

$350,000 – Plaintiff fatally injured when rear-ended on Interstate 10. Policy limits

$325,000 – Commercial vehicle made a left turn in front of the plaintiff’s vehicle causing back injury

$300,000 – Police roadblock caused the suspect to crash with the plaintiff

$265,000 – soft tissue injuries when an elderly gentleman failed to obey a stop sign causing a collision with the plaintiff’s vehicle

$250,000 – Slip and fall in the trainer’s kitchen at a racetrack/casino

$215,000 – Broken arm when an 18-wheeler made a left turn in front of the plaintiff’s vehicle

$165,000 – A CNA was forced into a sexual encounter with her direct supervisor

$108,000 – A 19-year-old man suffered a broken foot when he was a passenger in Chevy Silverado that attempted to pass a car making a left turn

$100,000 – Soft tissue injuries after a vehicle ran stop sign. Plaintiff never missed a day of work offshore but treated on his seven days off.


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